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Office of Internal Oversight - FIT 2015  


Office of Internal Oversight (OIO)
Commander Colonel Garnell Green
601 E. Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 637-8823

To maintain organizational transparency, improve performance and increase accountability, the Baltimore Police Department’s Office of Internal Oversight (OIO) is tasked with responding, investigating and reporting police categorical use of force incidents.  OIO will update this site regularly with data related to categorical use of force incidents, which is defined as actions taken by a Baltimore police officer that may result in serious physical injury or death.
Beginning in January 2014, the OIO implemented a new Force Investigation Team (FIT) to thoroughly and impartially review these incidents, including shootings, and other categorical uses of force where the injury may be directly attributed to the use of force by an officer and requires the individual's admission to a hospital.  Procedures for how the Department responds to these types of incidents can be found in General Order, “Categorical Use of Force and In-custody Death Response.

The maps below show the 2015 incidents that FIT responded to related to homicides (first map) and shootings (second map).  To view 2014 maps and data, click HERE.
It is important to note that officer involved shootings and other categorical uses of force do not occur in a vacuum. Officers are more likely to face armed individuals or volatile situations where their lives or the lives of the public are in jeopardy in areas were violent crime is more frequent. As shown in the maps, many of the incidents investigated by the Force Investigation Team or FIT (red circles) correspond to places where homicides (green circles) and shootings (pink circles) occurred and demonstrate the challenges that officers face on a daily basis. 

As the year progresses and once the investigation is concluded, additional details on each incident will be posted to this site and accessible by clicking on the CC# in the table below.  To learn more about the Department’s review of these cases refer to the “Categorical Use of Force Review Board” General Order.

The following are maps created within the Open Baltimore website.  You have the ability to zoom in and out of the maps using the zoom tool on the left side of the map.  You can click within each district to see a pop-up with the district name.  If you click on the black title bar on top of the map, you will link directly to the map within Open Baltimore in order to use additional features associated with the map.

2015 FIT Investigation Locations and 2015 Homicides

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2015 FIT Investigation Locations and 2015 Shootings

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 2015 FIT Investigations

 1/22/2015 156A005819 NW 4311 Pimlico Rd
 1/24/2015 159A09331 SD 1925 McHenry St
 2/7/2015 159B02808 SD 1100 Race Street
 2/14/15 155B05510 ND 2201 W Cold Spring Lane
 In-Custody Death
 2/23/15 157B08089 WD 1000 N Fremont Ave

+ Not included in map as this occurred beyond the geographical boundaries of Baltimore City.



Updated: 02/23/15; 3:26 pm

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