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Badge & Patch History  

By Public Affairs Office
Monday, March 17, 2008; 7:00 pm

Old BPD badges

The design of the patch and the shield is predicated upon the historical and significant events that occured in the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland.

The BPD badge

The shield on the patch (and badge) is the Great Seal of Maryland which was brought over from England during the early days of the colony. The shield, or escutcheon, bears the Calvert and Crossland arms quartered. The second Lord Baltimore (Cecilus Calvert) adopted this design with the gold and black of the Calverts in the upper left and lower right quarters, and the red and white crosses of the Crossland family (the second Lord Baltimore's maternal forebearers) in the lower left and upper right quarters.

The BPD patch

Superimposed on the shield is the Battle Monument of Baltimore which is the City's official insignia and commemorates the successful defense of Baltimore from attack by British Forces in 1814.

Updated: 06/17/08; 3:09 pm

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