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Southwest Drug Unit Nabs Gun Toter

POSTED January 31, 2014

Gun and Rounds
Gun and Rounds

On December 2, 2008, while working in a covert manner, members of the Southwestern Drug Unit arrested an armed suspect whom they believed was participating in illegal narcotic activity. Detectives were in the 2500 block of Calverton Road when they stopped Clyde Garnes of the 2400 block of West Lexington Street after they suspected him of selling illegal narcotics.

Detectives McMillon, Pringle, and McDuffie recovered a fully loaded Colt Cobra .38 special revolver, 4 zip locks baggies of marijuana, and $1,045.00.

Garnes, who has previously been arrested for drugs, handgun violation, robbery, and attempted murder, was charged with handgun violations and controlled dangerous substance violations and now is at the Baltimore City Detention Center with a $350,000 bail.