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Explorer's Program  

By Administrator
Monday, June 29, 2009; 10:06 am

This is the long description about the Explorer's Program.

Since 1971, the Baltimore Police Department’s Law Enforcement Explorers Program has been enriching youths from the ages of 14 to 20 by exposing them to many different alternatives and opportunities. The Explorers program partners youth with police officers who serve as mentors, teaching them good citizenship, community involvement, and leadership skills.

Since its inception, the program has grown from one explorer post in the Northeast District to nine posts across the city, one in each district. Thousands of youth have been exposed to the anti-crime and pro-education messages, and have gone on to become productive citizens in our communities.

Police officers meet with explorers weekly, and cover a variety of topics ranging from crime prevention to hostage negotiation to every day life lessons. Bi-annually, the explorers attend a national conference which is held on a college campus in North America. There they fellowship with and compete against other youth from explorers programs from around the nation.

Funding for the Baltimore Police Department’s Explorers Programs is provided by Buddies, Incorporated. Buddies, Inc. has been raising money, sponsoring youth, and granting scholarships to the explorers’ youth since the program was established in 1971.


Updated: 06/29/09; 10:22 am

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