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Great Police Work by Southern District Officers

POSTED February 6, 2014

Police Vehicle Flashing Lights
Police Car Lights

On 11/01/09 at 2:45am, officers responded to a call on 3000 Elizabeth Street, for an unrelated domestic assault, when they observed citizens flagging them down.

They were advised that a black male with a silver gun had run into a neighboring home and threatened the woman that lives there. Officers canvassed the area and observed a man clutching at an object at his waist.

Officers confronted the suspect and after a brief foot chase, he was apprehended. They located the silver gun in the alley nearby. The suspect was:

SUSPECT: Jeffrey E. Kersey/M/B/8-30-85/2803 Tree View Way, Ft. Washington

The handgun was a silver .38 Smith and Wesson, fully loaded.

Mr. Kersey is a convicted felon (drug distribution) and is on parole until 2012. Violation of parole will be requested.

Good work to Southern District Midnight Shift, Sector 2, and the ops squad!