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Wanted Persons - August 2010  

By Public Affairs Office
Friday, November 13, 2009; 3:55 pm

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The Baltimore City Police Department requests community involvement and assistance in keeping our neighborhoods safe. We are asking for help in gathering and reporting any information relating to the location of these fugitives. If you have any leads or information related to any person listed, please do not hesitate to assist. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and is strictly confidential. Please go to the Report Form to Submit a Tip to the Baltimore Police Department.

August 2010

Attempt 1st Degree Murder

Jerryl Brown Wanted by BPD
Jerryl Brown
DOB: 12/31/1971
H: 5'10" W: 210lbs


Failure to Appear

Torrance Burman Wanted by BPD
Torrance Burman
DOB: 12/13/1984
H: 6'0" W: 200lbs


Brandon Fisher Wanted by BPD
Brandon Fisher
DOB: 10/12/1981
H: 6'0" W: 160lbs

Failure to Appear

Cathleen Causey Wanted by BPD
Cathleen Causey
DOB: 01/22/1976
H: 5'7" W: 135lbs



Jamal Johnson Wanted by BPD
Jamal Johnson
DOB: 04/28/1991
H: 5'3" W: 115lbs

Attempt 1st Degree Murder

Dominique Whitehead Wanted by BPD
Dominique Whitehead
DOB: 12/23/1984
H: 5'9" W: 160lbs

Armed Robbery

Dwayne Smith Wanted by BPD
Dwayne Smith
DOB: 3/02/1990
H: 6'1" W: 150lbs


Armed Robbery

LaToya Shavis Wanted by BPD
LaToya Shavis
DOB: 03/20/1987
H: 5'6" W: 160lbs


Obed Suazo Wanted by BPD
Obed Suazo
DOB: 04/29/1978
H: 5'5" W: 170lbs

Armed Robbery

Michael Pederson Wanted by BPD
Michael Pederson
DOB: 3/26/1977
H: 6'0" W: 180lbs


Armed Robbery

Darryl Smith Wanted by BPD
Dwayne Goodwin
DOB: 01/29/1992
H: 6'1" W: 202lbs

Armed Robbery

Thomas Guinn Wanted by BPD
Thomas Guinn
H: 5'3" W: 130lbs

Agg. Assault

Kevin Johnson Wanted by BPD
Kevin Johnson
DOB: 2/14/1963
H: 6'1" W: 161lbs


Armed Carjacking

Aaron Randolph Wanted by BPD
Aaron Randolph
DOB: 09/05/1979
H: 6'2" W: 200lbs

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