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Raid at Inverness Ave

POSTED February 6, 2014

BPD Patch
BPD Patch

On April 16th at 5:10 am, a Search and Seizure warrant was executed by the Baltimore Police Department’s Southwest District’s Patrol Units and SWAT’s B Platoon in the 1600 block of Inverness Avenue.

Arrested in that raid was 27 year-old Brian Burris and 23 year-old Janet Nichols. Seized was $5372.00 U.S. Currency, 1.5 lbs Marijuana, 23 yellow zip lock baggies of cocaine, 137 pills suboxin, and 21 pills believed to be steroids. Also seized were a 2002 Infiniti, a 2001 Toyota, and a 1995 Yamaha R6.