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Colonel Skinner Athens

POSTED February 6, 2014

Chief John Skinner
John Skinner

Last month, The Baltimore Piraeus Sister City Committee announced the selection of Colonel John Skinner, Chief of Patrol of the Baltimore Police Department, to represent the city of Baltimore as a participant in the 2010 Athens Marathon.

This year’s 26.2 mile run marks the 2500th anniversary of the Greek Battle of Marathon which took place during the first Persian invasion of Greece. The marathon will commemorate the legendary journey of Greek messenger “Pheidippides” in 490 BC from the Marathon Battlefield to the city of Athens, Greece.

Colonel Skinner was selected from a large pool of candidates because of his dedication to public safety through community service. He is a 17 year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department and has served in a variety of operational and supervisory capacities. Currently he commands the agency’s Patrol Division and oversees all uniformed men and women of the Police Department. Over the last three years, Skinner has been credited with fostering better relations between police and the community through his dedication to transparency and developing cohesive partnerships with community groups.

“It’s a huge honor for me to represent the city of Baltimore in this historic race,” Skinner said after being selected to compete. Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld also weighed in and said the committee couldn’t have chosen a better representative for the city. "Colonel Skinner’s ascension through the ranks of the Baltimore Police Department is a testament to his intelligence, dedication and commitment to service. Most recently, he has embraced competitive running as not only a wellness tool, but also a way to build camaraderie and morale among the people he commands. The men and women of the Baltimore Police Department are very fortunate to have Colonel Skinner represent us and the city in this significant international running challenge."

To follow Colonel Skinner’s journey to Athens you may follow him on his blog at: Colonel Skinner updates his blog on a weekly basis will be updating his blog daily while he is in Athens.