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Homicide Challenge Coin

POSTED February 7, 2014

Homicide Challenge Coin
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The Black Ring that encompasses the coin on both sides symbolizes our goal of taking our cases from red to black on the murder board, representing a closed case.

The 9 Stars represent each of the 9 police districts that make up our city.
The Stars are blue to represent the thin blue line that we truly are as the police.

The American Flag is nestled behind the badge and shoulder patch to show our patriotism and is symbolic of the “Star Spangled Banner” having been written in Baltimore City.

The Badge Number is “187” because this number is synonymous with “Murder” throughout the world and thus appropriate for placement as the badge number of the Homicide Unit.

The Side Edge of the coin states the following quote from Daniel Webster ”“ “Every Unpunished murder takes away something from the security of every man’s life.”

The numbers “2100” on the coin are symbolic of our extension and how the department refers to the Homicide Unit. They are encased in the color Blue to honor our fallen Officers.

When you lose a coin challenge the coin is placed face down on a flat surface and spun. The coin will spin balanced upon the raised portion of the coin separating the badge and patch on the coin face. The Arrows contain one of the numbers associated with 2100. The number facing you is the number of beverage(s) you must purchase to fulfill your loss. 

The Grim Reaper’s face is hidden in the shadow of his robe. This represents the Homicide Detective’s duty to seek the truth and reveal the killer’s true identity. 

The Reaper’s Sickle is double edged to symbolize the nature of justice and its equal representation of those who must abide by the law.

The scroll reads, “Our Day Begins When Your Day Ends.” a long standing un-official motto of homicide units worldwide. 

The Storm Clouds and Full Moon are reminiscent of the calm before the storm as they loom over the city.