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POSTED January 24, 2014

File A Police Report Online

Welcome to the Baltimore Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System. This online system allows you to submit your report immediately and print a copy of the police report.

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Media Relations

The Media Relations Section serves as the liaison between the Department, members of the media and the general public. The office is responsible for all aspects of external communications including the release of accurate and timely information concerning police activity and criminal investigations within the City of Baltimore.

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Senior Services

Baltimore Police Department provide silver bracelets that identify Senior and Vulnerable Citizens. The senior's program was implemented to assist Baltimore City senior and vulnerable citizens who may encounter community members or law enforcement officers and, due to dementia, disease or trauma, is unable to advise of their name and/or current address.
The program assists in the identification of persons by enrolling him/her at the Baltimore Police Department.

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Evidence Control

Welcome to the Baltimore Police Department Evidence Control Unit. The Baltimore City Police has property that was originally seized as evidence for court.

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Police Reports

Missing Children

The Central Records Division is the city's central repository for the collection, analysis and timely distribution of motor vehicle accident and offensive crime statistics. Every year, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) handles over 1,000 police reports. The Central Records Division provides copies of accident reports through Offensive crime report requests can be obtained.........

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