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Getting Illegal Guns off Baltimore Streets

POSTED February 3, 2014

Illegal firearm
Illegal firearm

Baltimore Police is stopping at nothing to rid the city of illegal firearms. Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld's no-tolerance approach to apprehending violent gun offenders has yielded significant gun recoveries over the last 14 days.

114 weapons have been seized by district officers and specialized units. Targeting violent offenders, partnering with state and federal law enforcement agencies, and bolstering community partnerships are the fundamentals to the city's plan to further reduce crime.

Yesterday, the Police Department's Violent Crime Impact Division (VCID) executed a search and seizure warrant at 3029 Oakley Ave. In addition to illegal narcotics, officers recovered a loaded .45 caliber Kimber Arms semi-automatic handgun, a 12 gauge Mossberg shotgun, and a 12 gauge double barrel sawed off shotgun. Two-time convicted felon, Curtis Moore (34), Courtney Ellison (26), and Alicia Ellison (23), all of Baltimore were taken into custody by city police. Also, officers in the Western District recovered a .35 caliber assault rifle and made three arrests in connection with the firearm. Eastern District officers recovered a loaded .22 caliber handgun.