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Bealefeld’s Attack on Illegal Guns’ Continues

POSTED February 3, 2014

Southwestern District
Linden Liquors

In the early morning on January 22nd, members of the Baltimore Police Department executed a search and seizure warrant at 1821 McHenry Street, located in the Southwest District.

Seized was $4500 in U.S. currency, 115 prescription pills, and 19 rifles and shotguns. One individual was arrested. The execution of this search warrant was the result of information received by officers working the tri-district initiative.

This initiative and today’s seizure are direct results of the Police Commissioner’s strategy of targeting criminals who continuously break the law with guns. “We will continue our relentless approach to ridding the streets of illegal guns,” said Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld. “We’ve seized 171 guns since January 1st, and we’re just getting started.”