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Southern District Patrolmen Arrest Robbery Suspects

POSTED February 3, 2014

Jason Goodwin and Richard Carter
Robbery Suspects
Arrested by Patrolmen

On February 23rd at around 5:50 pm, patrolmen in the Southern District of the Baltimore City responded to a report of an armed assault and robbery in the 300 block of Warren Avenue.

Moments later, the officers were called to another armed assault and robbery, but this time in the four hundred block of Warren Avenue. In each case the suspects were described as two young black males, one armed with an unknown caliber handgun. Also, in both cases the suspects announced the robbery, and then assaulted their victims by striking them in the head.

After getting the descriptions of both suspects, Police Officer Andrew Gotwols and Officers from Sector 4 of the Southern District located the two suspects in the area. Both suspects were positively identified by the victims, and charged with armed assault and robbery. Recovered was an iPod that was taken from one of the victims and a pellet handgun.

Charged were 21 year-old Jason Goodwin of the 800 block of Bethune Road and 18 year-old Richard Carter of the 1000 block of Bethune Road. Both are currently at the Baltimore Central Booking Intake Facility where they await trial.