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Guns, guns, guns”¦

POSTED February 3, 2014

Gun with bullets
Gun with bullets

Last night BPD officers were busy going after the city’s bad guys with guns. Below is a snapshot of activity over the last 24 hours: Since January 1st, Baltimore Police have seized over 470 illegal guns

1. On March 12th officers in the northeast district were patrolling the CHUM neighborhood and arrested Robert Earl McIntosh (M/B/23/) for a handgun violation in the 2700 Block of Tivoly Avenue. Suspect's prior arrests include felony drug charges and attempted murder.

Weapon: Rossi .38 caliber revolver, fully loaded with 6 rounds.

2. On March 13th, officers observed a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis fail to stop for a stop sign. Car was stopped in the parking lot of 6311 Eastern Ave. As the officer asked the driver for his license and registration, there was a lot of movement in the vehicle by the front and rear passengers. Additional units were summoned and the passengers were removed for officer safety. Recovered from the front seat (rear pocket) directly in front of the back seat passenger, was a fully loaded 9mm handgun. The suspect stated he had a permit to carry and furnished officers with a purchase receipt, MSP application to purchase a firearm and MPTC Firearms Safety Course Completion Cert. Nathenal Gharden Whitworth Jr. B/M 07/09/85 of 1629 Northwick Rd. was arrested and charged with handgun violations.

Guns recovered: 1 Kel - Tec model P-11 9 mm handgun Serial # ACY 10 1 magazine with 10 9mm rounds.

3. On March 12th, Northwest district officers executed a search and seizure warrant at 2624 Woodbrook. Roscoe Evans (m-b-08/30/70) was arrested and charged.

Property seized: Colt. Single Action Frontier Scout, .22cal. revolver, w/5 .22 hollow point rounds 950g marijuana

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Director, Public Affairs Division
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