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Commissioner Targets Bad Guys with Guns  

By Anthony Guglielmi, Director Public Affairs Section
Friday, May 29, 2009; 10:07 am

Bealefeld: Gang members in Baltimore, sleep well - we'll be knocking on your door very soon...

Part of the Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld's plan to target Baltimore's bad guys with guns, dozens of suspected PDL Blood gang members and drug dealers were arrested Thursday morning after Baltimore Police, ATF and FBI agents raided nearly 50 locations across Baltimore - including jail cells - and two sites in California, looking for cash, criminals, guns, heroin
and cocaine.

Several hundred officers from BPD's Violent Crime Impact Division (VCID) led
by Deputy Commissioner of Operations Anthony Barksdale and Colonel Dean
Palmere executed the operation.

Updated: 05/29/09; 11:42 am

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