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Preventing Armed Robbery - During a Robbery  

By Maryland Community Crime Prevention Institute
Monday, March 17, 2008; 7:00 pm

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What to Do During

  • Stay Calm
    Keep calm: Let the robber know that you intend to cooperate.

    Don't make any sudden moves.

    Warn the robber of any surprises such as an employee in the back, delivery people, or a customer about to enter the business.

  • Do What You're Told
    Don't argue: Obey all of the robber's orders. Keep all communication with the robber short and simple.

  • Give It Up
    Turn the money over to the robber. Try to treat this as if it was just another business transaction.

  • Don't Try
    Remember whether a robber produces a weapon or not, you must assume that the robber is armed and that the robber has the advantage and controls the scene. More importantly he/she will not hesitate to use it. Do not fight the robber or use a weapon—violence will only increase everyone's personal risk.

  • Alarm
    The time to push the ALARM is AFTER the robber has left your business.


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