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Preventing Armed Robbery

POSTED January 17, 2014

Preventing Armed Robbery
Discouraging Robberies
During a Robbery
After a Robbery
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Commercial Armed Robbery

Wouldn't you agree that a robbery is a dangerous situation for everyone involved?

Robberies are over in less than two minutes. What you do in those two minutes of time could make the longest two minutes of your life, or the last two minutes of your life.

Your number one priority in any crime is your personal safety!

Remember: If the robber demands cash or property, give it up! It's not worth injury or death. No one likes to think about becoming a victim of a crime. However, the time to think about a robbery is before it happens. Crimes against business are usually crimes of opportunity. If you make it easy for someone to target your business for a robbery, chances are someone will. So don't make it easy. Make it risky and unrewarding.

How to Make Robbery Unrewarding

Develop a plan for what to do before, during and after a robbery, and regularly check to see that policy and procedures are communicated and followed.