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Prevent Carjackings

POSTED January 16, 2014

Prevent Carjackings
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Carjacking is the theft of a vehicle by force or threat of force, and often with the use of a weapon. 

Carjackers look for the right opportunity. Generally, they look for drivers slowing down, stopping, or getting in or out of their vehicle. That is why carjacking often occurs in parking lots and garages, at stop lights and signs, and by the side of the road. Beware of Bump-and-Rob tactics.

Why Would Anyone Want to Steal My Vehicle?

  • To joy ride or to use it in another crime.
  • To dismantle it for parts.
  • To change numbers and resell it.
  • To ship it out of the country for a very lucrative profit.

Carjackers already have the desire and ability to take your vehicle, all they need is an opportunity!

Generally, thieves prefer to commit their crimes without noise, delay, or being seen. Carjackers are determined to take the car without regard for the occupants.

Prevention Tips When Approaching Your Vehicle

  • Do not dawdle; move quickly and confidently with your keys in your hand.
  • Be aware of the surrounding area, including any occupied cars, and check to make sure no one is hiding in or under your car.
  • Immediately lock the doors, when you get into your vehicle.