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Commissioner Darryl D. De Sousa
Commissioner De Sousa has served the Baltimore Police Department since 1988. He was appointed Deputy Police Commissioner in August 2015 after serving as the Chief of Patrol. He was appointed as a law enforcement fellow with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in August 2016, and he is currently the Commissioner De Sousa.
Over the course of his career, Commissioner De Sousa has gained a surfeit of law enforcement experience. He has held key executive-level positions in administration and patrol operations, including Deputy Commissioner – Administrative Bureau, Chief of Patrol, Area Commander, Patrol District Commander, and Patrol District Executive Officer. He has a diverse operational and investigative background to include Patrol Operations and Shift Commander, Violent Crimes Task Force, Criminal Investigative Division – District Detective Unit and Drug Enforcement Unit, Organized Crime Division, Special Operations Division – Mounted Patrol, and Education and Training. He is also responsible for the initiation of the agency’s first Cyber Crimes Unit.
Commissioner De Sousa has previously served as a Trustee of the Baltimore Fire and Police Employee’s Retirement System, an Executive Board Member of the F.L. Templeton Preparatory Academy, a ranking member of the Fraternal Order of Police, and a member of the National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Professionals (NOBLE). Commissioner De Sousa is a 2014 graduate of “The Leadership,” a program of the Greater Baltimore Committee, which is a yearlong, highly-coveted and hand-selected community leadership development program. He has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in from Morgan State University. Commissioner De Sousa has two children and resides in Downtown Baltimore.

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