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Commissioner Kevin Davis
Deputy Commissioner Darryl De Sousa
Deputy Commissioner Jason C. Johnson
Deputy Commissioner Dean M. Palmere
Chief Stanley Brandford
Chief Osborne Robinson III
Melvin Russell
Chief Melvin Russell
Chief Caroline Sturgis
Andrew Vetter
Chief of Staff Andrew Vetter
Maj Donald Bauer
Inspector Donald Bauer
 Richard Worley
Inspector Richard Worley
Margaret Barillaro
Major Margaret Barillaro
Martin Bartness
Major Martin Bartness
Major Sheree Briscoe
Major Sheree Briscoe
Kimberly Burru
Major Kimberly Burrus
Major George Clinedinst
Major George Clinedinst
Byron Conaway
Major Byron Conaway
Milton Corbett
Major Milton L. Corbett
Ian Dombrosk
Major Ian Dombroski
Major Deron Garrity
Major Deron Garrity
Major Richard Gibson
Major Richard Gibson
James Handley
Major James Handley


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