LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer

The Baltimore Police Department's LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer works out of Baltimore Police Headquarters and is assigned to the Youth and Community Division.

The Liaison Officer’s Duties Include:

  • Working closely with the LGBTQ+ community on a variety of community-related events and issues
  • Attending the LGBTQ+ Advisory Council Meetings
  • Coordinating BPD participation in LGBTQ+-related and PRIDE events throughout the region
  • Responding to all "Safe Place BPD" website requests and inquiries
  • Monitoring all LGBTQ+-related crime statistics and responses

Contact the BPD/LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer

The BPD/LGBTQ+ Liaison Officer is Police Agent Sheena Newman. Officer Newman may be reached at:


Work Phone: 443-938-2050 


Police Agent Sheena Newman

BPD Badge

Police Officer Sheena Newman has been a member of the Baltimore Police Department since December 2003. Prior to the position of LGBTQ Liaison, Police Officer Newman was assigned to patrol in the Northeastern and Northern Districts. Police Officer Newman also served for approximately two years in the Southern District Community Collaboration Division building partnerships and collaborating in community events with numerous schools, businesses and community leaders. Moreover, Police Officer Sheena Newman also facilitated youth programs with the Community Collaboration Division to include assisting with the Police Commissioner's Annual Camps and Sports Leagues. In addition, Police Officer Sheena Newman holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Coppin State University. Current assignment is LGBTQ+ Interim Liaison and Senior Liaison.