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Eastern District

Major Dwayne Swinton
Major Dwayne Swinton

Major Dwayne Swinton joined the Baltimore Police Department in 1990 and is currently the Commanding Officer of the Southwestern District. He was patrol officer in the Southeastern District and served various operational capacities within district.

Major Swinton was promoted to Sergeant in 2000 and was assigned to the Southwestern District where he supervised a patrol squad and then later oversaw the Neighborhood Services Unit. Major Swinton was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division in 2008 and supervised detectives investigating criminal cases in the Eastern District. In 2015, Major Swinton was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Special Investigation Response Team in the Office of Professional Responsibility, which was responsible for investigating police-involved shootings and other Level 3 Uses of Force.

Major Swinton was promoted to Captain in January of 2018 and assigned to the Northwestern District as the Executive Officer, and in March 2018 promoted to Major of the Southwestern District.

Major Swinton has been the Maryland Army National Guard since 1987. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Ashford University in Criminal Justice.

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