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Policy 1745 - Equity Office

Baltimore, Md. (Feb. 8, 2023) – The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) Equity Office has released Policy 1745. The Department’s first ever Equity Policy was written and adopted following a review and collaboration process with the Department of Justice, the Consent Decree Monitoring Team and the public in accordance with Consent Decree requirements. The BPD is also among the first law enforcement agencies in the country to introduce an Equity Policy.

This policy reinforces the BPD’s dedicated and holistic commitment to ensuring DEIA compliance and practice throughout the Department, and with the community.

“After more than two centuries, this administration and its dedicated officers and professionals are laying a strong foundation for an organizational transformation that embraces the value and effectiveness of DEIA principles and practices,” said Leslie Parker Blyther, Equity Office Director. “The entrenchment of the Equity Office and the adoption of this policy is further evidence that progressive change is occurring in the Baltimore Police Department. We’ve come a long way, and recognize that we have even further to go. But, we are steadily sculpting an inclusive culture that sees, respects and enthusiastically engages with our diverse communities.”

Policy 1745 states: “It ensures that DEIA becomes an integral part of the Department’s culture by delivering training, advising agency leadership, assisting with strategic plans, working closely with BPD’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Section (EODS), reviewing and writing policy, and working closely with community partners to ensure services are absent of bias, Racism, anti-Semitism, anti-religious and other marginalizing behaviors.”

Some core principles of the policy include:

  • Principles and practices of Diversity, Equality, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Anti-racism (DEIA) must be integrated into BPD’s culture, operations, and services.
  • BPD holds in high regard routine self-assessments to heighten and maintain its integrity, public trust, and ensure a diverse and inclusive culture.
  • BPD’s commitment to human rights and dignity is reflected in its culture, policies, and operations.

Policy 1745 complies with the Baltimore’s Equity Assessment Program, Article 1, Section 39-1.

View the complete Equity Policy 1745.

In 2020, the Baltimore City Police Department established its first Equity Office, becoming one of just a few police departments nationwide to do so. The Office’s mission is to operationalize and institutionalize the Department’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism.

To schedule an interview with a member of BPD’s Equity Office, contact Lindsey Eldridge, Director of Public Affairs and Community Outreach, at lindsey.eldridge@baltimorepolice.org.


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