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Northeastern District

Captain Fontaine Smallwood
Captain Fontaine Smallwood
Captain Fontaine Smallwood has been a member of the Baltimore Police Department since 2006 and is currently the executive officer in the Northeast District.  He has previously been assigned to the Western District as a Patrol Officer, the Pennsylvania Avenue Task Force and Monument Street Initiative as a Narcotics Detective.  Upon being promoted to Sergeant, he supervised the Eastern District Operations Unit and the Chief of Patrol’s Inspection Team.
He then became the Special Operations Division Administration Lieutenant before becoming the Eastern District’s Action Team and the Eastern District Detective Unit’s Lieutenant.
Captain Smallwood is a proud graduate of Baltimore City College and earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations from Morgan State University. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Johns Hopkins University and earned his Leadership Certificate from the University of Maryland University College.  He a bronze star recipient and has received multiple unit citations, commendation letters and the Commissioner’s Top Gun Award from the Baltimore Police Department. 

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