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Crime Scene Sciences & Evidence Control Section

Mobile Unit (i.e., Crime Scene Unit)

The Mobile Unit/Crime Scene Unit processes crime scenes and administers the Intoximeter (breathalyzer) test for persons suspected of driving under the influence. It responds to crime scenes to identify, document, test, and collect evidence to be analyzed by various laboratory disciplines. Crime Scene also completes finished diagrams and is implementing advanced technology such as the Leica C-10, a 360-degree photographic mapping and imaging unit with a laser scanner that extends 300m (~900ft) to capture crime scenes and conduct full-scale 3D animations and reconstructions. As part of a broader overhaul, the Mobile Unit and Photography Unit are transitioning out of film photography and into advanced digital photography.

Photography Unit

The Photography Unit takes photographs for events within the Baltimore Police Department, develops film, performs digital enhancement, completes video capture, and provides hard copies of photographs and/or digital copies of photographs to investigative units and other entities.

Evidence Control Unit

The Evidence Control Unit receives and maintains all property that has been seized as evidence in law enforcement investigations or taken into custody pending return to its rightful owner.  Additionally, ECU is responsible for the storage, retrieval, and accounting of items required in judicial proceedings. The storage of seized evidence is organized by general property, narcotics (CDS), firearms, and money and jewelry. The unit also manages an off-site property warehouse due to storage limitations at Headquarters.

Citizens who believe they are entitled to property that has been seized or is being held by ECU can call 410-396-2048, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. If a citizen finds that there is property to be returned, they should be aware that when responding to recover the property, a valid picture ID and proof of property ownership is required. All unclaimed property is sent to public auction; those items will appear on the website.

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