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Police Commissioner

The Police Commissioner is the Chief Executive Officer of the Department, overseeing all operational and administrative aspects, to include a budget of approximately $480 million and 3,000 employees.

The core of BPD’s crime fighting strategy is focusing resources on the areas where our efforts are likely to have the greatest impact on reducing violent crime and improving the quality of life for our citizens. Equally important, our strategy focuses on instilling a community policing mindset throughout the agency, effectively communicating with the public, and building trust. We employ a data-driven enforcement policing model, capitalizing upon our partnerships with our federal, state and local agencies and technology as force multipliers. At a time when the Department’s human resources are stretched thinner than ever, we focus proactive policing and investigations on violent offenders and criminal organizations, maximizing the impact of our personnel through effective communication, coordination, and information sharing. In order to win the crime fight, all arms of the BPD must be working in harmony.


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