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To achieve high-level, quality service, and to meet the staffing requirements to effectively promote constitutional, effective policing, the BPD will review and reform its hiring and recruitment program to ensure that the Department successfully attracts and hires ideal candidates.

In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Innovation, the BPD has evaluated its current recruitment process, measured hiring and attrition rates, and is in the process of completing a new hiring plan with the following goals:

  • More: Fulfill anticipated staffing needs, enabling patrol officers to spend more time building community relationships and preventing crime.
  • Diverse: Through targeted outreach, ensure applicants and hires reflect the demographics of Baltimore’s population.
  • Ideal: Recruit and hire people who exemplify the most important traits for being a great police officer.
  • Local: Find Baltimore residents who are ready to serve their community by joining the BPD.

The Mayor’s I-Team will publish the public findings report on BPD Recruitment in mid-September 2018.

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