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Southeastern District

Major Brian Hopkins
Major Brian Hopkins

Major Brian Hopkins has served the Baltimore Police Department since 1997. He began his career as a patrol officer in the Northwest and Southern Districts before transferring into the Firearms Apprehension Strike Team/ Mobile Enforcement Unit (FAST/MET). Afterwards he became a detective in the Organized Crime Division.

Upon his promotion to sergeant in 2007, he completed tours in the Southern District where he supervised patrol and district operations units before transferring to the Tri District Initiative.  He also worked as a Detective Sergeant in the Violent Crime Impact Section, Northwest Drug Unit and was the Command Investigations Unit supervisor before being promoted to lieutenant in 2015. 

After his promotion to lieutenant in 2015, Major Hopkins served as the Eastern District’s shift commander.  He was also assigned to the Chief of Patrols Office and the Unit Commander for the Southwest District Action Team. 

Major Hopkins holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from University of Baltimore and has completed the University Of Maryland, University College Police Leadership Course in 2010. Major Hopkins has received several unit citations, a life- saving award, commendation award, and is a Bronze Star recipient.


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