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Administrative Hearings

The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) reports directly to the Deputy Commissioner of the Strategic Services Bureau and is commanded by a lieutenant. OAH facilitates and coordinates all agency administrative hearings including padlock hearings, suspension hearings, and disciplinary hearings. Its specific duties are far-reaching, including preparing Internal Affairs cases for review by the Disciplinary Review Committee (DRC); serving investigative files on accused members; summonsing witnesses; coordinating the selection of hearing board members; securing hearing locations that are accessible to the public; and coordinating hearing logistics such as security, administration of rules of procedure, and operation of recording equipment. OAH is also responsible for ensuring that any disciplinary action taken against BPD employees - including training, suspension without pay, and loss off leave - is carried out in a timely manner and properly documented with the Human Resources Section and Office of Professional Responsibility.

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