Community Engagement

Reforming the BPD includes a process of relationship reconstruction and development with organizations and individuals throughout Baltimore. Community Engagement works best when it is ongoing, authentic, and intentional. BPD’s community engagement efforts will help identify needs, generate solutions, and ensure that the community’s voice is included in the Department’s reform efforts.

  • Different forms of community engagement methods will be utilized:
  • Community Liaisons from the BPD and the Monitoring Team attend meetings throughout the city and provide information on the reform process.
  • Public meetings are held in each police district to provide an opportunity for BPD Command staff and Consent Decree Implementation Unit to hear directly from the community.
  • Surveys composed of short questions intended to gather feedback from Community Members, and may be completed with pen-and-paper or submitted via email.
  • Web-based and social media engagement to reach the community digitally and provide information posted on the BPD Website, Facebook, Twitter, online surveys and other social networks.

Consent Decree Primer Packet