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Misconduct & Discipline

A robust and well-functioning accountability system in which officers are held to the highest standards of integrity is critical to BPD’s relationship with the Baltimore community, and a priority of the Department. The Consent Decree outlines specific steps the Department must take in pursuit of an internal disciplinary process that treats complainants, officers, and witnesses with respect and dignity. The BPD’s reforms include updated policies and procedures for:

  • Public Integrity Bureau (PIB)
  • Complaint intake, classification, and communication
  • PIB administrative misconduct investigations
  • Criminal misconduct investigations
  • Referral of criminal and administrative misconduct investigations to outside entities
  • Disciplinary charges
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Imposition of discipline
  • Community-centered mediation of misconduct complaints
  • Tracking misconduct investigations
  • Transparency measures, including training and oversight

 Public Integrity Bureau Classification Protocol

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