BPD Year 4 Review -- Video Series

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Year 4 Review Conclusion: Serving as the National Model for Policing

In this video series, BPD sworn and professional members discuss the many noteworthy accomplishments the Baltimore Police Department has achieved in the past four years.

Enhanced Communication and Transparency -- BPD’s Media Relations team discusses external communications initiatives as well as the Department’s commitment to transparency across the agency.

Reforming Culture Through the Consent Decree -- Director Shannon Sullivan discusses the changes BPD has made since implementing the federally mandated Consent Decree.

Prioritizing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion -- Director Leslie Parker-Blyther of the Equity Office explains how the Department is working toward a more inclusive future and a more diverse workforce.

Nationally Recognized Crime Lab -- Chief of Forensic Sciences & Evidence Services Rana DellaRocco illustrates crime lab changes that have garnered national acclaim and recognition for BPD Forensics.

Connecting Operations with Data-Driven Tools & Strategies -- Director Graham Campbell of the Data Driven Strategies Division highlights the recent upgrades to the way BPD monitors crime and deploys officers.

Stronger Accountability with Public Integrity Bureau -- Deputy Commissioner Brian Nadeau discusses how the Public Integrity Bureau has streamlined the process for internal reviews. He also explains the changes that have made investigations into BPD personnel more publicly accessible.

Reimagining Policing in Baltimore -- Deputy Commissioner Eric Melancon shares the positive changes within the Department brought about by BPD's implementation of NIBRS and SMART policing initiatives.

Increased Focus on Officer Safety & Wellness -- Director of Officer Safety & Wellness Vernon Herron shares the many ways both sworn and civilian members are taken care of -- physically and mentally.

Major Police Academy and Recruitment Investments -- Director Gary Cordner explains how the BPD Academy has evolved over the past four years, and the ways new curriculum has impacted the current workforce.

Professional Development and Upward Mobility -- Chief of Staff Michelle Bloodsworth Wirzberger discusses how BPD fundamentally changed the way the department hires and promotes both sworn and professional members.

Strengthening Local, State & Federal Partnerships -- Lt. Colonel Jack Herzog shares how relationships have improved between BPD and local, state and federal agencies.

Modernizing & Building the Department for the Future -- Chief of Information Technology Derek Canton explains how technology upgrades have impacted the agency as a whole.

Agency Capacity Building -- Deputy Commissioner Sheree Briscoe discusses the positive impact the increased numbers of civilian positions has had on the agency's leadership structure.

Trauma-Informed & Victim-Focused Approach -- Major Derek Loeffler and Captain Valencia Carter break down ROCA Rewire4 and CIT training, and discuss how training improves officer response to a person in crisis.

Enforcement and Proactivity Measures -- Colonel Kevin Jones breaks down the changes made concerning the way BPD officers patrol and interact with the community, and how these measures can lead to better relationships and increased gun arrests.

Community Engagement -- Colonel Monique Brown reviews the various methods in which the Baltimore Police Department is improving relationships between the community and police.

Group Violence Reduction Strategy -- Group Violence Reduction Strategy (GVRS) Special Advisor Jeremy Biddle and MONSE Executive Director Shantay Jackson explain how GVRS is being implemented in Baltimore, and the impact it's having on the community.

Citywide Crime Reduction -- Deputy Commissioner Richard Worley discusses reductions in violent and property crimes between 2018 and 2023.

BPD Year 4 Review -- Introduction

Watch for more videos released regularly through the next few months.

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