Reimagining Policing in Baltimore

Reimagining Policing in Baltimore

Reimagining Policing

The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) is committed to modernizing policing and transforming into a world class law enforcement agency. The following initiatives are designed to increase proactive patrols, community engagement and overall visibility.

These department-wide initiatives will bring about more efficient processes and improved resource allocation:


The FBI-mandated National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) is a change in the way the BPD collects and reports crime data. This will provide a more complete picture of an incident and improve the overall quality, accuracy and timeliness of crime data collected.

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This is the core tenant of the BPD’s staffing plan and could set a national standard on staffing allocations for law enforcement agencies. The plan maximizes limited sworn personnel resources and identifies existing or new work duties that may be handled by civilians rather than sworn officers. 

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BPD is divided into nine districts. The redistricting plan calls for a balance of officer workload, keeping neighborhoods together and better alignment for the Crime Reduction Strategy. This allows BPD to refocus resources in high priority areas. The revised map has been submitted.

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SMART Policing

SMART Policing -- Strategic Management & Alternative Response Tactics -- includes Alternatives to Police Dispatch, Traffic Accident Management, Diversion to the Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) and Online Reports and False Alarm Reduction.


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By implementing these new policies and technologies, the BPD is practicing smarter, ground-breaking policing by:

  • Reducing officer workload
  • Lessening administrative responsibilities
  • Eliminating unnecessary calls for service
  • Modernizing antiquated processes
  • Maximizing staffing capacity