Forensic Science Careers, Internships, and Tours


Are you ready to become a Forensic Scientist or Crime Laboratory Technician for the Baltimore Police Department's Forensic Science & Evidence Services Division?

Want to work with 360o laser scanners, genetic analyzers, gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers, firearms, or latent prints?

Most positions with the Forensic Science & Evidence Services Division require an undergraduate or graduate degree in a hard science such as biology, chemistry, physics, forensic science or closely related field.  Each job description is different and if you are interested in applying please click here to see all available city civilian applications.

Positions that are most commonly posted for the Forensic Science & Evidence Services Division are the following:

  • Crime Laboratory Technician I
  • Crime Laboratory Technician II 
  • Crime Laboratory Technician Supervisor
  • Forensic Scientist I
  • Forensic Scientist II
  • Forensic Scientist III
  • Forensic Scientist IV
  • Forensic Scientist Supervisor 

If there are no current job postings available you can fill out a form to have email notifications sent to you when a position you are interested in is posted.  Just click here.


Forensic Analyst using alternate light source

Internships are available in the Forensic Science & Evidence Services Division to college level students with a science related background who are interested in Forensic Science. Internships applications are currently being accepted for Spring, Summer and Fall semesters of each year in the forensic fields of Forensic Biology, Drug Chemistry, Latent Prints, Firearms and Crime Scene Investigation.

For information on internship opportunities, please visit:

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The Baltimore Police Department is one of the busiest forensic laboratories in the State of Maryland and has one of the largest scopes of Forensic Accreditation.  In addition to the forensic services, this Division is working on providing virtual tours for the community.  This website will eventually be a one stop shop for virtually taking a tour of our wonderful Forensic Laboratory.  Please be patient as we bring this wonderful feature to the community.