Officer Therapy Dog

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Penelope or Penny, is a miniature golden doodle, first generation, she was born on a farm in Lancaster, PA in November of 2017. Because of her poodle background she is hypoallergenic and does not shed. Penny was one of the last puppies in her litter to be picked but when her owner saw her attachment to people she knew that it was the perfect fit. Penny is very intelligent, eager to please, and is often seen paws up getting belly rubs or being held like a teddy bear.

Penny has received 72 hours of obedience training at Stateline Canine and passed the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test. Passing this test wasn’t too difficult for her so she will begin training for additional tests as well.

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The vision for Penny was to be available primarily for our first responders. Therapy animals have been used as a response to critical incidents in many facets of life. However, first responders see them on a daily basis and often face their own personal crisis as well. Penny is available to give and receive a little bit of love not just in response to these incidents but as reminder to check in on a daily basis. She’s a visual, emotional and physical mascot exemplifying our mission to end the stigma and to practice self care.

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Penny, the Therapy Dog