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Open Data

The following are links to the police department’s publicly available data posted on Baltimore City's Open Data website. This information is brought to you to promote transparency and data sharing between city government and its citizens. Below you will find data related to Baltimore crime and investigations. Once you click on the link, you will be free to manage, filter, or export any of the data.


To view documents containing citywide police department incident reports in the City of Baltimore, visit the Baltimore Open Data for Incidents .

The  "Part 1 Crime" dataset  represents the location and characteristics of major (Part 1) crime against persons, such as homicide, shooting, robbery, aggravated assault, etc., within the City of Baltimore.


This dataset represents arrest charges, such as assault, larceny, destruction of property, etc., in the City of Baltimore. View the "Arrests" data for additional information on arrests in the city.

Calls for Service

This dataset represents the Police Emergency and Non-Emergency calls to 911 in Baltimore city. The Calls for Service data is available for each year.

Executive Summary

Visit the summary data at Open Baltimore to show the up-to-date Baltimore Police Department executive crime and arrest statistics (citywide and by police district) is updated by the BPD ComStat Unit on Thursday of each week. The document is available for viewing, printing, and downloading.


The Open Data API allows software developers to access data hosted in the Open Baltimore data site. To start accessing the datasets programmatically, refer to the Developer's Documentation .

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