CIT Officer Certification Training

Policy Number: 1

Status: Draft

Open for Public Comment: No

Available for a second public comment period from February 22 - March 8, 2021.
The below lesson plans were edited following the first comment period, and the revisions have been highlighted for ease of review:
- Working with Youth,
- Strategic De-Escalation,
- Course Introduction,
- De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness,
- Decision-Making & Reporting,
- Trauma-Informed Policing,
- Mental Illness Overview, and
- BPD's Behavioral Health Policies.
Below is the BPD's proposed 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Certification training schedule. Based on the national CIT for Law Enforcement model, CIT officers will be assigned to calls for service that are behavioral health or crisis related and necessitate a law enforcement response. CIT training will be voluntary, and it is the Department's goal that 30% of active duty patrol officers are certified in this CIT curriculum. Training will begin in the second half of 2021.
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