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BPD Policies

Our policies set the standards and expectations for officer actions and guide the department’s training curriculum. A key part of the department’s reform efforts under the Consent Decree is to update our policies to incorporate national best-practices and feedback from the community.

Draft Policies & Training Materials and Public Feedback

As part of our continued reform efforts under the Consent Decree, we are revising our policies to ensure fair and constitutional policing. While policies are in the draft phase, we ask for public feedback. We believe that both community members and members of the department should have the opportunity to comment on our policies before they are officially approved and adopted. All comments will be reviewed and may lead to changes in policy. 
You can see which policies are open for feedback and find links to in-progress policies on our Draft Policies & Training Materials page. Use the “Let’s Hear Your Feedback” button on individual policies to leave your comments, which can be anonymous if you wish.

Active Policies

You can view the current policies that have been adopted and trained-upon on our Active Policies page.
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