Maryland Public Information Act

Obtaining Baltimore Police Department Documents under the Maryland Public Information Act

Pursuant to the Maryland Public Information Act (“MPIA”), Annotated Code of Maryland, General Provisions Article, § 4-503, directing each Governmental Entity that maintains public records to identify a representative who a member of the public should contact to request a record, the Baltimore Police Department (“BPD”) provides the following:

Business Address: Baltimore Police Department, c/o Office of Legal Affairs, 242 W. 29th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211
Business Phone Number: 410-637-8684
Business Email Address:
Representative Name: Wayne Brooks
Note:  Members of the media should contact the Media Relations Section of BPD concerning questions on policies, procedures, general request for comments on news stories, and questions regarding records that have been provided pursuant to a request.
Phone: 410-396-2012
All requests for BPD records must be made in writing. Your request for records is an agreement to pay the reasonable costs of producing the records.
If you are interested in obtaining a police crime/incident report or accident report, please click on the following link for the appropriate form: View Report Request Form
View the Microfilm reports (prior to the year 2001)

Below are links to request forms for other frequently requested BPD records:

If you do not see the request form that addresses the records you seek, you may submit a written request that reasonably identifies/describes the records you seek, sent to