Behavioral Health

The Baltimore Police Department is committed to the least police-involved response to behavioral health-related calls for service and crisis events while protecting public safety. Members who respond to persons with behavioral health disabilities or in crisis have been trained to respect and preserve their dignity, civil rights, and to contribute to their overall healthy, safety, and welfare. Through a collaborative approach with local government, non-profit, healthcare, and advocate partners, the BPD seeks to connect individuals away from the criminal justice system and towards sustainable care, while contributing to a robust public behavioral health system that would greatly reduce law enforcement contacts with individuals in crisis.

All members of the BPD have received enhanced training in behavioral health awareness and crisis response. The BPD also offers a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) certification program, and is working to certify 30% of its patrol ranks in CIT. Certified officers will be assigned to respond to acute crisis calls for service, and have specialized skills in de-escalation and community referrals. Participation in the CIT program is voluntary.

For more information on how the City of Baltimore is implementing additional behavioral health resources, click here.

Behavioral Health Training Levels