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CitiWatch Community Partnership Overview

The CitiWatch Community Partnership is an innovative, public-private partnership whereby residents help make Baltimore City safer by sharing important information and valuable resources with the Baltimore Police Department in order to apprehend criminals.

What is the CitiWatch Community Partnership?

The Community Partnership is a voluntary registry that contains the location and owner information of privately-owned surveillance systems – information that is extremely valuable to the Baltimore Police Department in the event of a crime. Information provided is confidential and only accessed if necessary for an investigation. This cooperative community effort enables faster and more effective responses to crime, and saves precious public dollars and law enforcement resources.


  • Many businesses and homeowners in Baltimore City operate private security camera systems. Maintaining an accurate record of these cameras greatly assists the police in locating valuable evidence, thereby saving investigative resources, time, and money.

How does it work?

  • The CitiWatch Community Partnership asks residents and business owners to register their privately owned camera systems by using our simple online registration form, available at Questions, concerns, or comments can be directed to [email protected].
  • Participation is completely voluntary, and camera owners can discontinue participation at any time. Information is only made available to Baltimore police and authorized personnel.

Do I need to install or configure anything?

  • No installation of software or configuration is needed. All we need is the information requested on the online registration form.

Will the City have access to my camera feeds?

  • The CitiWatch Community Partnership registry contains only basic information about the location, type, and owner of a camera. Feeds will only be accessed by the Baltimore Police Department with the permission of the camera owner, and only then in the event of a crime.
  • Participants are contacted only if the police believe their camera footage can be useful in the identification, apprehension, or prosecution of a suspected criminal.


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