CitiWatch Community Partnership Overview

CitiWatch is an innovative public-private partnership allowing residents and small business owners to assist the Baltimore Police Department and other public safety agencies by sharing important video footage. This helps save valuable time and resources and strengthens neighborhoods by deterring crime, encouraging community-law enforcement coordination, and supporting criminal apprehension. We believe that strong neighborhoods form the backbone of a vibrant Baltimore. By joining the CitiWatch Community Partnership you can help share a supportive message with your community and put criminals on notice: “Our residents and small businesses value public safety; we are partnering with the Baltimore Police Department and other public safety agencies to make our neighborhood safer and promote quality of life.”

Citiwatch Community Enforcement

What is the CitiWatch Community Partnership? 

The Community Partnership is a voluntary registry of private surveillance systems that will enhance public safety response with video evidence when a crime or quality of life disruption occurs. Joining the Community Partnership and Baltimore City’s public safety agencies in the effort to collaboratively improve quality of life shows your commitment to safer communities and an improved Baltimore. The Community Partnership is designed to encourage cooperation and communication between neighborhoods, business owners, and the City’s public safety agencies.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Homeowners, renters, and small business owners are eligible (and encouraged) to participate. Participants can register any number of cameras with the Community Partnership. The City only asks that registered cameras are oriented towards a public right-of-way – so as not to infringe upon anyone’s private property – and that registrants are equipped to retain at least 48 hours of video footage. Additionally, participants should be willing to work with the City’s public safety agencies, including the Baltimore Police Department, if contacted.

How does it work?

  • The CitiWatch Community Partnership asks residents and business owners to register their privately owned camera systems by using our simple online registration form, available at CitiWatch | City of Baltimore (
  • Questions, concerns or comments about the registration process can be directed to; those regarding the voucher or rebate application can be directed to
  • Participation for registrants not applying for a rebate or voucher is completely voluntary; camera owners with an unsubsidized camera can discontinue participation at any time. Information is only made available to public safety personnel, including the Baltimore Police Department, and will never be disaggregated for public consumption.

Am I Eligible for a Rebate or Voucher?

Camera Rebate

Baltimoreans who meet all of the following criteria are eligible for the camera rebate: 

  • Purchase a camera on or after June 1, 2020
  • Register the camera with the CitiWatch Community Partnership
  • Install the camera on the exterior of a City-based residence (owned or rented) or small business
  • Submit an application, agreeing to all terms and conditions therein

Camera Voucher

Baltimoreans who meet all of the following criteria are eligible for the camera voucher:

  • Willingness to register with the CitiWatch Community Partnership
  • Own or rent a City-based residence; small businesses are not eligible
  • Receive and are able to provide proof of receipt of public assistance
  • Submit an application, agreeing to all terms and conditions therein

High Priority Applicants

Please check the Applicant Priority Map to see if you are living in a high priority area.

  • Use the search bar to determine if your property is located in a high-priority neighborhood
  • If your property is in a blue-highlighted area you qualify as a high-priority applicant
  • High-priority rebate/voucher applicants will receive preferential treatment and are encouraged to apply between July 1 and October 1 of any calendar year; applications are accepted year-round.

For additional information and FAQs please visit CitiWatch | City of Baltimore (