The Baltimore Police SHIELD Network is designed to strengthen our partnership with the private and public sector. BPD SHIELD will serve as the Department’s program for communication with local businesses and organizations on matters of crime prevention and counterterrorism. The Network provides a venue for members to access information and resources from the BPD to address emerging and evolving conditions within Baltimore City. Through enhanced cooperation between the BPD and the Baltimore community, the Department is creating additional eyes and ears, working as a force-multiplier in the fight against crime and terrorism.

The BPD SHIELD Network is driven by its stakeholders, which include professionals from diverse backgrounds such as security directors, safety and risk managers, community leaders, business executives and owners, educators, faith-based community leaders, non-profit leaders, and others with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of their business, organization, and personnel.

The BPD SHIELD Network supports our members by providing the following services:

  • Active Shooter Training
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Emergency Action Plan Assistance
  • Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments (BPD and DHS)
  • BPD SHIELD Newsletter
  • Operation Flashpoint Partnership (for qualifying businesses)
  • Exercise and Training Facilitation

The Baltimore Police Department appreciates your interest in this program. 


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