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Eastern District

Major Dwayne Swinton

Executive Officer
Captain Guy Thacker

[email protected]

1620 Edison Highway, Baltimore, MD 21213


Community Relations Council Meeting
3rd Tuesday @ 7 p.m. - Fountain Baptist Church - 1215 E. Monument St.

Major Dwayne Swinton
Major Dwayne Swinton
Captain Guy Thacker
Captain Guy Thacker

The Eastern District may be the smallest of the City’s nine police districts but it is the home of the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. It is also home to Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School, which is highly regarded for its athletic programs and has been credited with producing seven NBA superstars, including Tyrone Curtis “Muggsy” Bogues, Reggie Williams, and David Wingate.

District Neighborhoods

  • Barclay
  • Berea
  • Biddle Street
  • Broadway East
  • CARE
  • Darley Park
  • Dunbar-Broadway
  • East Baltimore Midway
  • Gay Street
  • Greenmount Cemetery
  • Greenmount West
  • Inner Harbor
  • Johnston Square
  • Madison-Eastend
  • Middle East
  • Milton-Montford
  • Oldtown
  • Oliver
  • Orangeville
  • Orangeville Industrial Areav
  • Penn-Fallsway
  • South Clifton Park

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