Northeastern District

Northeastern District


Address: 1900 Argonne Drive, Baltimore, Md., 21218

Phone: 410-396-2444

Northeast District Commander's Monthly Crime and Community Meeting

4th Thursday at 7 p.m. - Northeast District Roll Call Room and Virtual via Zoom

Zoom Link:

  • Meeting ID: 867 1359 7447
  • Passcode: BPDNED

Phone Number:1-301-715-8592

  • Meeting ID: 867 1359 7447
  • Passcode: BPDNED

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District Information


The Northeastern District is home to Morgan State University (the largest HBCU in Maryland), Good Samaritan Hospital, Mt. Pleasant Public Golf Course, Lake Montebello and Stadium Place located on the grounds of the old Memorial Stadium, former home of the World Champion Baltimore Colts. Some of the District's more well-known neighborhoods include Hamilton and Lauraville.

Near Morgan State University, visitors will also find Herring Run Park, which features 375 acres of woodlands.


Major Dwayne Swinton

Major Dwayne Swinton

Major Dwayne Swinton has been appointed District Commander of the Northeast District.

New bio coming soon.

Captain Bill Shiflett

Capt. Bill Shiflett

Captain Bill Shiflett is a Baltimore native who joined the Baltimore Police Department in July 1994. Most recently, he was assigned to the Northeast District as a Lieutenant. He was promoted to Captain to serve as the Northeast District Executive Officer in September 2023.

In 1985, he enlisted in the Maryland Army National Guard. During his military career, he was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.  He received several combat decorations, including multiple Combat Air Medals and the Earl T. Ricks award from the Air Force association for excellence in 2009.  

Prior to joining the BPD, Shiflett served as a Trauma Tech at Shock Trauma from 1989 to 1994.  At BPD, Shiflett served in patrol (Southern District), Homicide and CID (Eastern District Shooting Investigator). He served in Special Operations as a Tactical Flight Officer in the Aviation Unit for 15 years before being promoted to Sergeant and moving to the Northern District in October 2016.

Following a shooting on July 15, 2019, Shiflett was sidelined for nearly a year.  Upon returning in July 2020, he was assigned to ACS, serving on a DEA Task Force (Group 56) until his promotion to Lieutenant in May 2022.

He has received several commendations, including the Medal of Honor for the Methadone Clinic shooting.