Application for Community Chaplain

Police Chaplains shall provide non-denominational support services and counseling to Baltimore Police Department (BPD) employees and their families who request such assistance. They shall not disparage other religions, use public resources to aid any church, sect, religious denomination, or sectarian institution, or in any manner impose their religious beliefs upon others. Only when specifically requested to do so may Police Chaplains provide spiritual counseling or guidance consistent with a certain religious orientation.

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Community Chaplain Application

Instructions: Please complete the application fully.  Read and check the affirmation at the end of the form.




Personal Information

Are you a Citizen of the U.S?
Do you possess a valid Driver’s license?
A pastoral (Leader) letter of recommendation is required for this application, are you able to provide a letter within the next 2 weeks?
Are you willing and able to commit to 20 volunteer hours per month?



High School Information

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Employment History


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Additional questions

Have you ever previously applied for any position in the Baltimore Police Department or any other Law Enforcement Agency?
Have you ever been a defendant in any court action?
Are you now, or have you ever been a member of any organization, corporation, company, partnership, association, trust, foundation, fund, club, society, committee, political party, or any group of person whether or not incorporated, which engages in or advocates, abets, advises or teaches, or a purpose of which is to engage in, or advocate, abet, advise or teach activities intended to overthrow, destroy or alter or assist in the overthrow, destruction or alteration of the Constitutional form of Government of the United States or of the State of Maryland, or of any political sub division of either of them by revolution, force, violence or other unlawful means?
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