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Draft Policies & Training Materials

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In 2017, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) entered into a court-approved Consent Decree with the United States Department of Justice to promote fair and constitutional policing through a set of comprehensive, specific, and transparent reforms. Adoption of the Consent Decree’s recommendations is a multi-year process. Throughout this process, the BPD is seeking feedback to ensure transparency and rebuild trust in the BPD. The BPD believes that community members and members of the Department should have an opportunity to review and comment on its draft policies before they are submitted to the Court for approval and adopted by the Department.

Below, you will find drafts of proposed updated departmental policies. You are invited and encouraged to inspect these draft policies and submit feedback. All comments will be reviewed, and – as appropriate – may lead to changes in the policy.

To provide comment, click on the “Let’s Hear Your Feedback” button. Please include the policy number with your comments.

If you wish to leave contact information so that members of the BPD may follow up with you about your comments, please feel free to do so; otherwise, your comments will be anonymous.

Thank you for your lending your voice to this process.


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