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Committed to Transparency

The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) is committed to transparency in its operations and administration, and seeks opportunities to publicly share its mechanisms for holding officers, supervisors, and commanders accountable for their conduct and performance. Accordingly, we have posted the policies and procedures that guide the conduct of all police personnel, as well as information about officer-involved shootings, uses of force, and citizen complaints.

You will also be introduced to our partnership with the Department of Justice and our shared goal of building a culture of respect and community engagement founded upon constitutional principles and a spirit of selfless service. With the Department of Justice's guidance, the BPD will fight crime more effectively as it improves training, recruitment, supervision, the disciplinary process, and relationships with Baltimore's many diverse communities. We hope the information here provides an understanding of the work the department is doing to underscore its commitment to professionally serve and protect Baltimore's residents, workers, and visitors.

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